Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boiled Shrimp

Phillip loves to boil. We were supposed to have had some of his relatives over this weekend for crawfish.  Since I am not up for company, that was scratched. He was still in "boil" mode, so he decided to boil a small batch of shrimp for just us.  I get a kick out watching him boil.  He loves to get into the whole process of how much seasoning to use, what to put in the boil with the crawfish or shrimp, etc.  He thinks he is Boil King.  Well...he is at our house. The shrimp were great, and the potatoes and sausage he threw in with them were yummy as well.

Good job Boil King!


grottogirl said...

That sounds so delicious...much better than the frozen breaded shrimp we had for dinner last night!

Lin said...

He is one HOT boiler!! Hee! Hee!

Lisa R said...

Reading the post, it struck me. "gets into the whole process...", deciding what to use... Sound familiar? It's his art.

Merry said...

GrottoGirl- We are so very spoiled here in South Louisiana. We get good seafood all of the time.

Lin- I'll let him know you said that. It will make his day :)

Lisa- Whatever do you mean? Ha! You are right.