Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Crab Lady

Pretty is 12 going on 80. She has always been high strung and wound a little too tight. She has been known to attack you for some motive only known to her. For some reason, she really likes me. As soon as I sit down, she is right there looking for a place to nest. She usually sleeps on me at night. I don't know what I did to earn this honor. I think she is funny and I don't take her as seriously as she takes herself. She is the smallest one in the house and maybe that makes a difference to her. When she lies on me, she frequently gets these "sweet" faces. We all crack up because we know the face does not match what goes on inside that silly head...or maybe it does for that short time she is with me.


Lin said...

My Grace is just like that. Hates everybody, but loves me. The kids have always been nice to her, but she screams at them and takes a swipe if they try to pet her! With me, I can do anything with her--it's weird. My theory is that she thinks she is the alpha cat--even over the kids. Maybe have her checked out by the vet if she seems extra crabby--Grace was really nasty for months and I thought it was because of Hobbes. The vet found and removed a bad tooth and her disposition changed for the better immediately. It's worth a look see.