Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day of Beauty

Today was a "day of beauty" for some members of our family. My friend, Kat, took Cara for her day of beauty. She had her hair cut and had a make-up lesson. Cara had picked out a couple of hair styles from magazines. I was so curious to find out what cut she ended up with. She looks fantastic. Her hair is so cute. Robyn is now wanting to know when her day of beauty will be.

The other member of the family who had a day of beauty didn't have to leave the house. Jasmine gets shaved down a couple of times a year due to the heat down here. She loves being cooler and runs around like a wild woman when she is outside. Getting the new haircut is not her favorite. She gets a little scared and worries a bit. As long as she is getting her ears rubbed, she does ok. A treat or two helps out as well. Both of my girls look wonderful.


Fisher said...

What a busy day. Jasmine doesn't look too miserable to me. All you extra care is so special and I hope she had a wonderful wild woman experience when you were done.

Nancy said...

She's probably not crazy about getting the cut, but probably loves it afterward. It's like when they take a bath, scared in the tub, but when they get out watch out, it's run, run, run!