Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ice Cream

This family has issues with ice cream. What is it about ice cream that makes certain members go nutty? When Phillip was growing up, they always had at least 3 flavors of ice cream at all times in the freezer. That would not fly around here. If it is in the house, then it must be eaten...and quickly. Every once in a while Phillip will go to the store with one of the girls and they come back with pints of ice cream. Usually one for each of us. The girls quickly devour theirs and circle like sharks around the remaining containers. Phillip's is usually safe as he prefers fruity ice cream and sherbet. I, on the other hand, tend to like what the girls like...anything with chocolate (although Cara doesn't like nuts). Sometimes my ice cream sits in the freezer too long and I have to listen to "When are you eating your ice cream?" or "Can I have your ice cream since you don't want it?" Often I give in and let the beggar have it. Of course that causes a secondary reaction of "You owe me ice cream since you let her have yours." Sometimes during the week there is the additional ice cream beg. One of my girls will say "I made an A on my Anatomy and Physiology test." or "I made a 100 in American History." followed by "Can we get some ice cream?" My other daughter comes at it from a different direction. "Can we get ice cream? I didn't get suspended this week." or "I didn't have an F this week. Ice Cream?" You have to laugh. It is just that pitiful.  We are slaves to ice cream.

Oh...and for the record...she has never been suspended.  I guess she needs to remind me of that.


Mom said...

It's an obsession!

Don't you just love it when they're circling you, just waiting for a bit to fall their way?

Anonymous said...

Hahah...that's what game goes on in my head with ice cream. I'm always thinking...hmn...I accomplished SO MUCH at work today, I deserve ice cream. And on the other days, it's: man, I really wasn't very productive, it was a rough day, I deserve ICE CREAM! Funny how it applies to any situation:)

Lin said...

You know what? I don't like ice cream. Isn't that weird. I know, I accept that. When I was growing up, money was tight because my dad died when I was seven. There weren't a lot of extras, but my mom would splurge every once in awhile on ice cream--Butter pecan flavor...every single time. My brother and I hated butter pecan ice cream and wouldn't touch the stuff and she would eat the whole gallon herself. I find that so selfish of my mom when I think back on that. Isn't that awful? Maybe that's why I don't like ice cream.

Lisa R said...

We rarely have ice cream in our house. We are members of the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club, though, so we take advantage of our free scoop of ice cream on our birthdays.

Merry said...

Mom- They are excatly like sharks!

Lin- We are eating your share of ice cream over here. Sorry about the picture of the butter pecan. Hee hee.

Lisa- Baskin and Robbins Birthday Club? I have to hide that from the girls. They will want to know if they can celebrate half and quarter birthdays.