Monday, March 30, 2009

Full to Empty in 90 Seconds

Poor Skittles...she is ruled by her tummy. She is always checking around for scraps accidentally dropped here and there. Around 11:30 each day, she will come and stand by me. If I don't acknowledge her presence quickly enough, she does this little growl thing. It is her version of "Ahem!" She has come to tell me it is lunch time and I need to stop whatever I am doing. She does a little happy dance as I go through the room picking up the 2 bowls. She wags her tail like a metronome. As I mix up the food, she patiently lies on the floor giving me her best imitation of one of the orphans from Oliver Twist. Finally, she hears me put down the fork and I pick up the bowls. She gets up and jumps in her crate. She gives me the look that tells me she is about to pass out from hunger. I put the bowl down and it is as though a vacuum is in her bowl. I don't know if she even chews. Ninety seconds later her bowl is empty. Jasmine is only a third of the way through her food and is locked in her room so she can finish all of her food (Skittles will nose her out of her bowl and eat the rest). Skittles comes out and looks at me like "Someone came and ate my food." It is really sad.


SLColman said...

Too funny!! One of our dogs eats fast and the other one very slowly too!

john said...

with two dogs, isnt that always the very cute post

Lisa R said...

Aren't pets funny? Our guinea pig is fed at 8:30 in the evening. His internal clock reminds us when we're running late. He sounds like a car alarm.