Saturday, February 27, 2010

LSU Baseball

If I had to choose one sport to watch, it would be baseball. I love it. It is such a team sport. The players have to rely on each other to win the game. Sure there are outstanding players, but baseball doesn't seem (at least to me) to be skewed toward certain players as other sports can be. When you add my love of baseball to my love for LSU, you get a perfect day. A day that is hard to beat. I was excited when Phillip suggested the game. I had not seen a live LSU game. Lots on TV, but never one in person. I never made it to the old Alex Box Stadium even though I was there for 6 1/2 years. Pitiful, but I must confess my love for baseball has grown over the years. Anyway, we went to the game with Phillip's friend, Danny. It was cold. We were sitting in the bleachers in the shade. The wind was blowing right at us and we (Phillip and I) were big whiny babies about it. The concession stands were out of hot chocolate and coffee and our hands were frozen. LSU is unbeaten so far this season, but they were getting cremated by William and Mary in the middle of the 6th 8-0. They could not get any rally started at all. By that time I had had enough. I am a die hard fan and will stay to the end of a rout, unless I am miserable. I was there. We left and headed home. We tried to get the game on the radio but could not find a station with it on. When we got home, we checked the score. We missed a doozy. LSU rallied back in the bottom of the 6th to tie it 8-8 and went on to win the game 10-9. I would have loved to have seen that magic. Note to time check the weather and come prepared.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Princess Buttercup

I had fun thinking of a pattern for the cowl, so I decided to try one for a hat. A baby hat would be fun. Most people probably come up with a pattern and then decide on a name. In my case, I had the name and had to come up with a pattern. Why does this not surprise me? Anyway, I wanted to name it after a character from my favorite movie, The Princess Bride. I had to knit the hat in yellow, otherwise the name would not make as much sense. This necessitated a run to buy yarn. Don't you hate when that happens? It happens a lot around here. I was working on something for Robyn a while back. It was knit in the round. When you knit in the round, you cast on your stitches and then connect them to make the knitting continuous. You have to be careful not to twist the stitches, otherwise you will always have a twist in the final project kinda like a mobius. In this case, I wanted the twist. So after knitting 5 rows, I made several twists in the rows creating what I hoped looked a little like the edges of a petal. It think it turned out ok. I wrote down my stitches as I knit the hat, making a few changes as I went. The first hat turned out too big for a baby. It was more teen sized, but too short for a teen. I got the length right but not the circumference. I reworked the numbers and started another one. This one turned out just right and the Princess Buttercup hat was complete. This project earned me four medals- Charity Curling, Designer Original Dance, Hat Halfpipe, and Junior Olympics. That was fun.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ravthlete Equipment

As a dedicated Ravthlete, good equipment is essential for active participation in events. This set of needles is my pride and joy. My Knit Picks Nickel Options interchangeable needles. To say I love these needles is not passionate enough. Mom gave me money for my birthday and I bought them. It was my favorite gift. I have Robyn to thank for pushing me into getting them. She would see me looking at them online and then close the window. One day she looked at me and said, "You know you want them. You should get them." So I did. It was the right choice.

Did I mention I love these needles?

Monday, February 22, 2010


One of the events you can enter is called the Designer Original Dance. It is where you create an original pattern and knit it up. It doesn't have to be published anywhere, just something that you came up with. I wanted something soft to make out of this yummy Malbrigo yarn. It is so soft and squishy. A cowl would work well. The pattern is not hard to remember. It is pretty the same pattern for every row until it is the length you want it. I just knit until I ran out of yarn. Luckily, it was the perfect length for what I wanted. So I earned three medals for this project- Designer Original Dance, Scarf Super-G, and Single Skein Speed Skate.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remember When I Said I Was Not Going to Do That?

As if my duties as a Ravelympian were not enough, I refused to keep my mouth shut and volunteered to be Cara's troop's Cookie Mom. After the fiasco of a couple of years ago, I vowed not to get involved in cookies again at the volunteer level. Famous last words. No one else was looking like stepping up to do it, so I said I would. I hate when I do that. Oh well, I guess I will have to deal with it and stop whining.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Spiral Scarf

All comes the my second entry in the Ravelympics for the event called Scarf Super-G. The pattern is called the Spiral Scarf. It was fun to knit. You cast on 90 stitches and the whole pattern consists of 7 rows. That is it. Three of those rows involve the knitting in the front and back of each stitch so the number of total stitches increases dramatically. The scarf is kinda boring until you begin the cast off. Then the fun starts. As you cast off, the scarf starts to spiral around the cast on row. In the end, it is one long spiral that you can stack on itself. How cool is that?

I also earned a medal for Charity Curling since this scarf was made to donate.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who Dat Hat

Behold. This is my first entry in the Ravelympics event, Hat Halfpipe. Phillip liked the black and gold hat I made him earlier, but it seemed to fit a bit wonky at the top. I was thinking that might happen when I finished it. So I found another pattern and gave it a try. I love how this hat works up. I like how it looks from the top. It is very stretchy and very easy to knit. I will definitely make more of these down the road.

P.S. This is his Valentine's gift.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Ravelympics

I am so lame. I can get excited about the least little thing. What is exciting to me now is the opportunity to participate in the 2010 Ravelympics. Ravelympics, you say? Well, little Susie and Jimmy, the Ravelympics is where knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and other assorted fiber people choose projects to complete during the time of the Olympics. This year it will during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. I have always been a huge fan of the Olympics. I park myself in front of the TV and soak up all of the fun to be had watching these amazing athletes complete. Phillip and I took what I call my "dream trip" to Salt Lake City in 2002 to see the Winter Olympics there. I had the best time and wonderful memories...oh yeah back to the Ravelympics...Anyway, the wonderful people on Ravelry are putting together listings, and assorted forums and stuff for us to participate in our "sport" so to speak. There is a listing of events that are similar to those in the Winter Olympics. Competition is not against each other but in the form of meeting the goal of completing the project entered in an event. Medals (in the form of a photo badge you can use on your project page) will be awarded. There are teams you can join and some teams offer prizes as well.

I look forward to participating in my first Ravelympics. Olympics + knitting = happiness.

Snow in February! For Real...

This winter has been crazy. Years will go by without even the mention of snow. This year we have had several days/nights when snow was possible and have had 2 actual snow sightings! I know it is not that big of a deal to some, but the are kids round here who have never seen snow. How sad is that?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knut Hats

A couple of weeks ago, a friend Amy and I, went to a "craft exchange". You were to bring any craft supplies you didn't want and you could exchange them for things you did want. I had a ton of cardstock and some patterned scissors, so I brought them. You know what I traded for...yarn. I found a bag of 15 little balls of white yarn and a ball or two of mystery yarn. It was all mystery yarn really. Most probably acrylic, but perfect for my needs. I decided to use the white yarn to make a bunch of baby hats. I made 10 Knut Hats. They were fun to knit. I still have a little bit of the yarn left. I will think of another use for the rest.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dat Tuesday

Yesterday was called Dat Tuesday by many. The parade was a kick to watch. We didn't brave the crowds to watch in person, but watched instead from the comfort of the recliner and sofa. Many of the carnival krewes donated a float for the parade and the Saints players looked to be having a great time throwing beads and stuff from the float. The reporters said that a mad scramble was made to find enough black and gold beads for the players to throw. Sean Peyton held the Lombardi Trophy high above so all could see when he passed. That trophy sure has gotten around. Is it always like that?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Boys Are Back

You see on TV celebrations for other champions. Ticker tape parades, marching bands, fans lining the streets. Today is New Orleans' turn to celebrate. Schools let out 2 hours early today, so families could go across the lake to attend the parade if they chose. Phillip had court today and hopes to be out of the area before the madness begins. The joy from the Super Bowl will last for a good while. This is just what we need.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pigs Do Fly

Last night, a miracle happened (well it is considered a miracle around here...). The Saints won the Super Bowl. You heard that correctly. The NEW ORLEANS Saints. The team who several years ago had fans wearing paper bags over their heads and cheering for the 'Aints. The same one. Really. I have enjoyed watching the whole area rejoice with their team spirit. It is a very rare Saints fan who gave up on their team. Even when their record was abysmal (and that was many a time), Saints fans just sat back and waited for the next year with real expectations that it would be different next year. Well this was the year. I don't know who was able to get the planets into alignment, but Saints fans are grateful. The next couple of weeks should be interesting.