Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knut Hats

A couple of weeks ago, a friend Amy and I, went to a "craft exchange". You were to bring any craft supplies you didn't want and you could exchange them for things you did want. I had a ton of cardstock and some patterned scissors, so I brought them. You know what I traded for...yarn. I found a bag of 15 little balls of white yarn and a ball or two of mystery yarn. It was all mystery yarn really. Most probably acrylic, but perfect for my needs. I decided to use the white yarn to make a bunch of baby hats. I made 10 Knut Hats. They were fun to knit. I still have a little bit of the yarn left. I will think of another use for the rest.


Lin said...

I want one of those for ME! Would I totally look silly with that knobby thing sticking up????

Merry said...

I would be happy to make you one. Want one for reals?