Thursday, March 12, 2009


This week Ms. M has been letting her dance students bring a friend to dance. Cara invited her friend, T, to both classes. I really like T. She is funny, smart, and a great friend for Cara. Tonight when I went to pick up Cara and T from class, I was informed that Cara had told T's parents we would take her out for dinner. Coincidentally, McDonald's is right across the street. They both ordered the same thing (10 piece chicken nuggets, otherwise known to them as the "Fatty Selects") and took off to find a seat while I waited in line. Of course, they chose a 2 person table, so I found a table for just me. I got a kick out of listening to their conversation. Kids can be so funny. Of course after they finished their meal, it was time for the ice cream beg (see this post). Apparently on Monday, Phillip promised them ice cream after dance on Thursday. What is it with the ice cream???  They managed to order their own ice cream and continued their conversation.  They got a huge laugh out of having them look away from the camera to protect their identities.  

I remember having similar conversations with my friends at that age.  I love how some things never change.  There will always be important information to discuss and there will always be good friends to share in the fun.


Lin said...

Nothing like a good friend to share things with. Em has her friend Caroline, and I post about their adventures, conversations, and comments all the time--their interaction is highly entertaining. It's fun to listen to, isn't it?!

Nyanko said...

Oh, I remember those days,too...
This is the time when everything feels like fanny.We often say "This age of girls are laughing even to see chopsticks rolling".
Good friends are our treasures! ;-)