Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bradford Pear

A couple of days ago I blogged about our daffodils and azaleas blooming. Well it is now time for the Bradford Pear trees to put on their show. I love these trees. I have a thing for trees that bloom (my favorite tree is the Redbud). Anyway, we have two Bradfords next to our driveway and it makes me smile when I go out in the morning and see them all dressed up. The entrance to our subdivision used to be lined with these trees and it was so fun to drive under that canopy of blooms. Hurricane Katrina changed that somewhat. Some of the trees were lost and others lost branches so they are not as full any more. But now, before the leaves make their appearance, I love to see them full of white flowers.


Lin said...

I can't wait for the trees to bloom here. And I'm with you--I love the Redbud. I'll post a photo of mine in bloom--it is sooo lovely.

Lisa R said...

I have a Cleveland variety - it's in the same family as the Bradford pear, but buds and blooms later. I'm just starting to see the signs now.