Friday, April 24, 2009

Working the Needles

Lately I have been knitting up a storm. I really am loving it. I posted about it twice already here and here. I have found a pattern that is easy for me and one I can adapt in size, texture and color. The last two hats I knitted, I used bamboo circular needles. It was ok for one of the hats. That yarn was a little slippery and moved easily on the needles. The last hat I completed, I did not like the bamboo needles. I am not real thrilled with the yarn either. I bought some new nickel circulars and as now using them on this new hat. It is making a big difference. I am using the same yarn as the previous hat, but the new needles are making it easier to knit with it.

I am making these hats to donate to Children's Hospital in New Orleans. Robyn's best friend, Jonathan, lost his battle with brain cancer in December. He spent some time in Children's Hospital during part of his treatment. He was a wonderful person and is greatly missed. You can follow my progress on my hats by looking at the little graphic on the sidebar. I will update it with the latest number of hats case anyone is interested.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're having fun with the new hobby! It looks great- what a great cause too:) I swear by Addi needles (metal). Is that what you got? They are absolutely wonderful- so comfortable and the right slippiness. Happy knitting!

Merry said...

Nancy- I don't have the Addi's. These are from Knit Picks. I am loving them over the bamboo. I will have to give Addi a try. I hear good things about them on Ravelry.