Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Morning Routine

I have a certain routine I follow in mornings while I get the girls off to school. After seeing Robyn get on the bus, I come inside and make Cara's lunch. She always has a PB & J sandwich. When I get the bread out, these 2 little birdies (in dog form) come to get a piece of bread. As you have already guessed, Skittles eats hers immediately. I throw hers up in the air and she catches it. She has acquired a great skill in being able to eat the entire piece without any dropping on the floor. The Princess Diva, Jasmine, daintily comes and takes hold of the bread by grasping the tiniest bit of the corner. She trots into the den, circles 3-4 times, lies down and looks at it. It takes her about 5 minutes to eat her bread. This morning we had the added excitement of an empty peanut butter jar. I cut the jar in half and set them on the floor of the kitchen. Skittles takes hers to her "room". Jasmine looks at hers on the floor and then up at me so as to say "It is beneath me to carry that into the other room." I carry her bit into the den and she begins working on the jar. She chases it around the room as it moves and rolls. There aren't too many things better at our house than an empty peanut butter jar.