Saturday, April 18, 2009

Watch out Mr. Trump

Phillip has decided that when he retires, he will become an Ebay mogul. He likes to look around the house and find things "we" could sell on Ebay. I use the term "we" because he doesn't want to learn how to do the listing. He wants to be the one who finds the item, tells you what to say in the listing, and the one who bugs you to find out if there are any bids. He is so funny about it. He gets such a thrill out of a watcher and even more...a bidder. He has roped Robyn into helping him with his latest Ebay offerings. She is frequently without or short on funds, so he appealed to her monetarily. She will get a percentage of the selling price, if she helps him on the front end of the deal. It has worked in her favor about as many times as it has not. I hope they are successful. It is always good to have money in the old Paypal account.