Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Messy Room

This is a picture of the room of one of my daughters. I am not saying who is it, but her name starts with R. Her room drives me nuts. She on the other hand, sees nothing wrong with it. She tells me that a messy room is a sign of creativity. I am not sure how much I buy that. Tonight, she went to her first concert. She rode home from school with a friend and a group of girls drove up to Baton Rouge. I have not seen her since 6:20 when she got on the bus for school.  Cara was happy talking on the phone with her friends and hanging on the Internet much of the evening.  The house was so quiet.  I miss my oldest baby. A couple of times I stood in the doorway of her room, just to look at the chaos. The mess means she is home. Next year she will be a senior and then she will be off to college. She gets a perverse thrill out of making comments about how she will soon be gone. What will I do without her presence? I tease her and tell her that we are turning her room into a media room with a huge flat screen and theater chairs. I don't know. Maybe I will leave it looking like it does now, so I can pretend she is just out with friends and will be home soon.


Lin said...

My dad died when I was really young and my mom never remarried, so she lived with us kids, and then ultimately alone. When I would drop those comments about leaving home, my mom would say that she was "renting my room out to truckers"! She would also use that line on folks who would ask (rudely) "What are you going to do when the kids move out". You know, that one sentence always seemed to shut everyone up. Maybe you should try that one when she drops the comments! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awh...I'm sure she'll be home more than you know! I had a friend in high school who had a room with literally two feet high of stuff covering her floor. It was crazy! When I went to her house we almost never went in her room. If she had to go get something I would stand at the door while she did the I'm-walking-in-deep-snow-dance to get to the other side. It was insane!

Nyanko said...

Messy room of my daughter always makes me mad,tooooo!!
I used to try to through all her stuffs away from bags, texts, notebooks,to clothes, socks, everything!!
But it didn't work...I'm always wonder how I could change my daughter's mind...:-(