Thursday, April 16, 2009


Boil King decided that he could not get through this season without having a crawfish boil. So he has planned a boil for Sunday. My job today was to go out and get the fixins. He wanted small potatoes, onions, salt, and sausage. He said he had enough boil seasoning. When I took it out of the panrty to put it in the picture, I see that he must have forgotten he used it earlier. A job tomorrow will be to get more "boil".

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Added later...I stand corrected. I didn't look on the pantry floor. He does have enough "boil".


Lin said...

Okay, what time is the boill--I'm coming down!! I love crawfish!!! Wish I was there.

Merry said...

Lin- You are welcome to come. The crawfish come out of the pot at 2:00.