Monday, April 27, 2009

Draft Dodger

Originally, we had carpet through most of the house. Over the last several years, we have put in hardwood as the carpet started to "ugly out" instead of wearing out. The bottom of the master bedroom door was cut to allow for the carpet allowance. Since the carpet is gone, the air conditioning from the bedroom flows under the door. Jasmine is ready any time of day or night to jump in and block that air from entering the den. What would we do without her? She chooses to lie upside down so as to block the opening in the most efficient manner. We are so fortunate to have such a considerate and giving canine daughter. Thank you Jasmine.


Lin said...

Now if Jasmine was blocking the cold air from coming in, you'd be all like "THANK YOU, Jasmine!" and she'd be a hero for saving your heat from escaping and high gas bills. She's really just thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Haha...that's pretty funny! Our cats have taken to laying on the AC floor vents as the hot weather settles in:)

Merry said...

That's our Jas. Always ready to help out.