Monday, April 6, 2009

The Socks

Sometimes as a parent, you see things that leave you speechless. Those who know me know that me being "speechless" is a rare occurrence. This morning before school, the girls and I were talking about the upcoming day. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Cara wiggling her foot. It didn't look like the "normal" foot with a sock. I turned and looked more closely. This is what I saw. Who knows how long she has worn those socks. Usually she puts her shoes on in her room and I don't see anything but the top of the sock. When the socks actually make it into the dirty clothes, I throw away anything that remotely resembles a sock like either one of those she was wearing. Obviously, these socks have not made it to the wash in many, many days. Most likely they were worn repeatedly because she is very picky about socks. When she was little, she had issues with seams. She would have a fit if she could feel the sock seams. She grew out of that one and now is in the "they have to go up to here" phase where they have to be a certain length. Once I hog tied her, wrestled the offending socks off of her feet, a took them to the garbage can waiting on the curb for today's pick up, I went to her room. In the corner pushed behind some stuff was a brand new bag of socks. At least I can rest easy that today she had on clean socks. Tomorrow? That remains to be seen.