Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yes, it is a second installment of Merry's Morning Musings. Sometimes when we open the garage door, critters will come in the garage. Other times they take a ride on the "garage door express". This morning, Mr. Slug took a ride. He just hung there twisting and turning as he worked toward turning himself around on his slime strand so he could crawl back up to the top. I started thinking about how strong his stomach muscles must be to turn himself around like that. Do slugs do crunches to keep in good shape? Do slugs have a "good" shape? Oh, it is way to early in the morning to have such deep thoughts.


Lin said...

Hell, yeah, they've got good stomach muscles!! How else would they get around??! They just keep "oonching" along with their little slimy tummies. I like to poke them (gently, of course) and watch their little antennae go in wherever antennae go. Then, when they think it is safe, they pop out again. It's so funny!!!

I'm such a loser, aren't I?

I like the photo of the Flying Slug!!