Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meeting Inspection

Today I received my Pay It Forward goodie bag from Lin of Duck and Wheel with String. Lin sent some wonderful treats for me and even a little something for the cats. The strawberry jam body yogurt smelled so wonderful. Jasmine and Skittles followed the jar as I moved it from the bag to the table. They were extremely interested in everything in the bag. They assessed each item as it was removed. It is a good thing our personal inspectors were here when the package was opened. Lin, you will be happy to know your items passed the rigorous scrutiny of our highly paid examiners.


Lin said...

Uh, oh. I feel guilty I didn't stick dog treats in there! Gasp! I'm sure they'll eat some kitty treats--especially if they were digging the body yogurt!! (Sorry, guys!!) I found out there were dogs in your house AFTER I sent the package. Oops! I hope you enjoyed it!!

That picture totally made me laugh out loud!!

Merry said...

Lin- Not to worry! The dogs eat cat food and the cats will eat dog food. We have no boundaries here :) The dogs were very excited about the package.

Meghann said...

Much more fun than the slug in the last post :)

Merry said...

I agree much better than the slug!