Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adventures in Cake Decorating part 2 (or the house didn't burn down)

The girls had a great time with the cake. They began baking the cake while Phillip, Cara and I were at the grocery store. When we were unloading the groceries, we noticed a burning smell. The girls overfilled the pan and the excess was oozing over the top and onto the heating element. What a lovely smell. They also had a little difficulty getting the cake out of the pan. I told them that you can hide all sorts of flaws with icing and not to worry. They had the best time mixing up the colors of icing and using all of the different tips. We had some difficulty with the pastry bags. They were old and split when they tried to use them. No problem, we were able to adapt zip-loc bags. Once Mr. Bear was complete, they loved posing with him and showing off their creation. As you can see, the Squid and Moose hats made another appearance. You cannot decorate cakes without your favorite hat.


Lin said...

LOVE the hats! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun day for them:) Thanks for the comment about my blog's new look.