Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Cat's Work is Never Done

One of Whiskers' favorite places is on the sofa. Last fall, we bought new furniture. On the old sofa, her perch was on the right arm. The new sofas do not have arms perfect for setting up a cat's office, so there was some discussion in the family as to whether she would claim a new spot or ignore the new furniture. She has claimed her office space. On the new furniture, her spot is on the back of the love seat. It still has to be on the right side. She is completely uninterested in the left side. Pretty sometimes uses the left side when Whiskers is working elsewhere. Once Pretty made the mistake of working on the right side. Whiskers let her know pretty quickly that was unacceptable.

Whiskers particularly loves to stick her leg out for everyone to admire. Sometimes she will stick them both out. It often does not look comfortable, but she doesn't seem to mind. We will walk by and discuss how lovely those legs are. She acts as though she already knows it, but I guess even cats cannot be told too often how beautiful they are.