Friday, April 17, 2009

Goldilocks and the Ker Cube

We have a couple of beds for the cats. Not that they don't take a nap wherever they want, but around the house there are additional spots for them. One of these has been named the "Ker Cube" which is short for WhisKERs'Cube. Whiskers loves to spend time in the cube. It is one of her many places to do her "work". Every once in a while Goldilocks AKA Pretty will do her work in there. When the Baby Bear AKA Whiskers comes in to go in her bed and sees someone in her bed, she must get the intruder out of her bed. Whiskers will nonchalantly sit on the side, looking around or washing her face. Then she rears up and starts swinging. Pretty will put up a small fight, but she eventually shoots out and finds another spot. I tried to take the picture in mid-leap, but I was not fast enough. Baby Bear was successful. She was able to regain her bed and set about her "work".


Lin said...

My cat Grace somehow gives the other cat the message that her bed is OFF LIMITS! Ruth, Henry, and now Hobbes, stop, sniff, and immediately leave her bed--no even touching the spot. Maybe there is a secret scent or something that she leaves as a warning. I'm not sure what it is, but none of those cats would dare to touch her bed. Maybe I'll have to have Grace send her secret to your kitty! :)