Friday, April 10, 2009

St. Charles Avenue

Today, the girls and I took a trip across the lake to go an uptown yarn store. On the way there, I drove down Magazine Street. I wanted the girls to see what a great street it is, with the eclectic stores nestled among residences. It looked like we passed at least one of every kind of store along the way. Many of the shops have unusual names and the girls enjoyed calling out the names as we passed. On the way home, I took them down St. Charles Avenue. St. Charles Avenue is one of the loveliest streets in New Orleans. It has wonderful old oak trees lining the avenue. Down the center, are the streetcar tracks. This line of the streetcar was damaged during Katrina and was finally returned to full use in June of '08. Robyn has ridden the streetcar several times, but I don't think Cara has. Cara brought a friend with her today, so they were chomping at the bit to get home. I want to plan another trip in a couple of weeks to take her on the streetcar and enjoy more of this interesting city.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it is a very quaint little street! It reminds me of parts of Richmond, VA actually. I'm glad you had a great afternoon exploring! And any trip that ends in a yarn store is alright with me:)