Sunday, May 1, 2011

Helping You Out

I am making a good go of working through my stash. Unfortunately (really it is fortunately), I continue to add to the stash. I cannot resist a sale on yarn. I know someday I will need that exact yarn to knit with.

I have been eyeing this pattern, Helping Hat,  for a bit. It seems like every time I reach into the stash, I pull out a striped yarn. For cables I want a solid. When my hand returned with this one in its grasp, I knew this pattern's time had come. It is a great pattern. Well, actually it is three patterns in one; each one having just a little bit of difference in the cabling/ribbing section. I like the way this version turned out. The pattern was easy to follow and to remember.As soon as my hand finds more solid yarn, I plan to knit up another version.