Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bridging to Senior Girl Scouts

Tonight, Cara bridged up to Senior Girl Scouts. I am so proud of her for continuing in Girl Scouts. So many girls have quit my this point, often due to peer pressure. Not my girl. It helps that she has a couple of close friends in the troop with her. I stopped being a leader three years ago. It still feels strange sitting in the audience. There are very few leaders left that I knew when I was leading. Sometimes I miss the comradery we shared at Leaders' Meetings.

The ceremony went quickly. Unfortunately, I spent most of the time annoyed with those around me. People would not stop talking and kids were making a ton of racket. I saddens me that people show such disrespect toward others. If it is not about them, then they are not really interested. They are teaching their children to behave the same way. All of the girls on stage deserved their attention, not just their speshul snowflakes. I asked the two women behind me to be quiet and they were amazed that I asked them to. What? Me be quiet? What idiots. I know I am getting old when I have less and less tolerance for this type of nonsense. Why do people have to be so into themselves and thoughtless of others. I so wanted to say to those women that their parents didn't raise them well. They should have known better. My children do know better. Hopefully, my girls will do the right thing when they are in a similar situation.