Monday, May 9, 2011

Smooth Waves

Ok, I might just have this hat out of my system for a while. I love this hat style and the yarn I have been using. It is so soft and chunky. I also love the colors in this colorway. The aqua and greens just call to me. Usually I am a pink/red kind of girl, but these blues and green do make me happy too.

I bought a Boye pom pom maker recently to see how that worked for the poms. In the past I just wrapped the yarn around a piece of cardboard, etc. The cardboard made a good pom, but it was usually lopsided a bit. The pom pom makes makes a great pom. You are limited to size and fullness of the pom, but for most poms I will continue to use it. It was $3.75 well spent.