Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Son...Benjamin Butler

Tonight was Hurricane Highlights. It is a night where the school invites the public to celebrate the work the kids have been creating all year. There are art exhibits, band and chorus performances, silent auctions, a french cafe, concessions, and a whole bunch of other exhibits. Cara's Louisiana History teacher offered her students the opportunity to participate in the "wax museum" instead of having to take the 4th 9 weeks exam. Cara jumped on the opportunity.

She chose Benjamin Butler as the person she wanted to portray. She found him to be interesting and a challenge. We had a lot of fun getting her into costume. She wore one of Phillip's old suits and a pillow. I think she got a kick out of walking around the school in costume. Her "work time" was only 30 minutes, so she had plenty of time to walk around and see her friends perform their skills. As a figure in the wax museum, each person had to be in a pose completely still. Each figure had a question over them to give the viewer a clue as to their identity. If you guessed correctly, the figure came to life and told you something about them. Cara was wonderful. As I watched her I thought about myself and how there was no way I would have ever had the courage to do that. I would be one of the ones taking the test. She said only 3-4 in her class opted for the wax museum. I can understand that. Two of her friends were also wax figures. They were George Rodrigue and Kathleen Blanco. If Cara decides to try out for talented drama, she will be amazing!