Saturday, May 14, 2011

Silver Award Girls

Meagan and Cara have been working toward their Silver Award project for the past year and a half. The prerequisites and the planning took most of that time. They enjoy working together and I knew they would have a great time working toward this award as well.

Meagan's Mom, Kimberly, was their sponsor on the project. I am grateful to her for taking the lead on this. Last year, I would not have been able to do it with the chemo and all. She did a great job in keeping the girls motivated and on track.

The Cadette Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award can earn at this level. The project itself encompasses at least 50 to 60 (depending on when you started on working toward the award- they changed the rules in the middle of their project) hours of planning and executing the project. The girls decided to target literacy and held an event at one of the local branches of the library on how to promote reading outside of school. It was a great idea and they were prepared to motivate young children to read anywhere they can. Unfortunately, their event didn't draw many children. They were a bit disappointed, but learned a lot about themselves and how to plan, organize and carry out an event. Now we wait to hear from Council that the project was approved and to receive the award.

I am very proud of you, Cara. You did a great job!