Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bear In Mind

I belong to a group on Ravelry called, MinKnits. She does Knit-a-longs each month. I have done several and decided to participate in the one for May. It is an adorable panda hat, Bear-y Cute.

I have only done one other stranded piece before, my You Are Here fingerless mitts. I much prefer to just use striping yarn to add in the color changes. But depending on the pattern, sometimes you have to do colorwork. The pattern is very cute and easy to follow. My stranded work? Not so much in the cute area. I see every little flaw and get annoyed looking at it. I should have paid more attention to it while I was knitting it as I could have gone back and corrected it, but noooo (in my best Steve Martin voice) I don't really give it a look until I am ready to photograph it. I am not ready to give up on colorwork. I will continue to practice and probably give this pattern another go.