Friday, May 1, 2009

Pokemon- Some of the Best Medicine There Is

Poor Cara. She is still running a fever. It looks like a trip back to the doctor in the morning. When the Advil kicks in, she is bored and restless. Tonight Robyn and Dad went to the video store to pick up some movies to help break the boredom. First up was "Pokemon the First Movie". The girls were so funny watching it. Robyn discussed how lame Pokemon is, but would turn around and talk about which one was her favorite and how she used to watch it all of the time. They were completely glued to the movie, although they have seen it tons of times. Sometimes it is the old "classics" that do the trick.

Robyn made a couple of other "excellent" choices, so Cara will have others cinematic wonders to view. This is a type of medicine that Cara will be happy to take.


Lin said...

After I had my hysterectomy a couple of years ago, Em and I sat on the couch watching a "Rob and Big" weekend marathon. We were laughing so hard--my stomach hurt from surgery, hers from the flu--but we cracked up all weekend. That's the best medicine to watch your fav shows--I'm with Cara.