Monday, May 4, 2009

Moon Over...

Often when I see the moon, I think about the people I care about who live far from me. Many of them I have not seen in quite some time, yet the moon is something we can share. I look at the moon and think could they be looking at it too? I have always found the moon to be it changes through phases and how it can effect things on Earth.

It is a little hard to see the moon in the picture. It is there faintly in the center of the clouds. Good night moon...until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I agree. You can't help but think about all of the things bigger than you when gazing into the night sky. It's really breathtaking to think about!

Thanks for the comments about my crafting post. I really enjoyed hearing what other folks think about the topic:)

Lin said...

Your post reminds me of our wedding song "Somewhere out there" and I think Linda Ronstandt sang it with someone else. It talks of how your loved one is looking at the same moon somewhere far away. Loved the photo.