Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The View From the Passenger Seat

Robyn got her driver's permit today. She drove home and I have to say the view is a bit different now I am in the "passenger" seat. I was told not to talk to her unless I was giving her directions, because I made her nervous. I do have issues with sarcasm, so maybe that was warranted. She did a great job of driving. We stopped at Sonic to get a celebratory ice cream treat. She then had to decide whether she was going to wait until she got home to eat her ice cream or let me drive home. Ice cream wins every time. It will be nice to have a 3rd driver in the family.


Lin said...

HOORAY!! What a big day for both of you--and the insurance company that is going to soak you! (I'm sarcastic too!)

It is really nice to have them drive--it is. Even if you heart sinks every single time they take the car and forget to text you that they got there safely. I have been known to drive past the school just to make sure there isn't a ball of metal somewhere between here and there! And yes, I have admitted that to my son.

Look how proud Robyn is--isn't it great??!! Give her a hug for me!

Nancy said...

Congrats to Robyn!