Friday, May 22, 2009

Rehearsal Time

Tonight was the rehearsal for tomorrow's dance review. This will be our 13th year watching Robyn perform and will be Cara's 8th review. I enjoy watching the rehearsal, because I don't get to see much of the review. I am backstage doing the class mom thing. I get to come out and watch my girls' dances from a special seat on the front row for the class moms, but that's about it. For some reason, every picture I took tonight was blurry from the movement of the dancers. I tried all different settings and the batteries are fresh. It definitely shows movement. This picture was from Robyn's jazz number (I did have Cara's up, but she made me take it off).

It was wonderful to see so many of the girls wearing the t-shirts Robyn had designed for the review. She was able to raise $180 in profits to go toward Jonathan's wish of putting in an irrigation system for an orphanage in Zimbabwe. I grumbled and stressed a lot about doing these shirts, but they came out well and Robyn was happy with them.