Thursday, May 7, 2009

Queenly Behavior

There are definitely times I want to come back as a cat. Not just any cat, but one who lives the life of a cat in our family. Oh, to be able to lie around all day. To be able to sleep 23 hours a day plus a 2 hour nap. The big decision of the sleep here...or here. Nothing is required of you. You don't have people asking you where their dance bag is or what is for dinner. No one is begging you to get off of the computer or asking for snack money for school. You are able to lie around the be beautiful and admired. People walk past you and comment on how lovely your legs are, how sweet you look, then reach over and scratch your neck. I could really go for a life like that.


Anonymous said...

You said it! Me too. A famous phrase around our family comes from my Aunt as a child. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she responded, "Either an artist or a dog." And don't we all wish just the same as adults:)

Lin said...

Sheesh, what a princess!! I've got a couple of those around here too. Sigh. I want to be our cats!