Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bobby the Blueberry Bush

A while back I posted about Farmer Phil and the Boys. I wanted to show an update of his "sons". Bobby is our oldest fruit bearing "son". He is not a tree like our other "sons". He likes that because it makes him special. Bobby and two other blueberry bushes (who were never named) were planted our first spring after moving into the house. One of the bushes has died, but Bobby and the other bush are still producing blueberries. The first couple of years, we had so many we were giving them away. Now so much now, but there are still lots to eat. I love being able to go out and pick them right off of the tree.


Nancy said...

Oooo...that's really great! I'd love that luxary too!

Lin said...

Um, do you feel guilty eating off your "sons"? Why did you name your bush? I guess I missed something here.

Merry said...

Nancy- It is wonderful to have blueberries right in the backyard. We have gotten spoiled.

Lin- My girls thought it would be fun to give the fruit trees and the blueberry bush male names, since their dad is so out numbered here with females. He goes outside and does his male bonding thing with them.