Friday, May 8, 2009

Art Fiesta

Yesterday was Art Fiesta at Cara's school. I was the "Project Manager" for the clay station. I love how the whole school takes a day to celebrate art. There were artisans of all kinds, musicians, and dancers. The kids rotated through stations and had a great day. I was in charge in showing the kids how to make coil pots. Some of the kids chose to make them or something with the technique, but most did not. They were so excited when they heard they were going to work with clay. They are kinda too old for playdoh, so this was a treat for them. All of them immediately went to work on something. Some creations came out as planned and others took a detour and ended up in a different direction, but all were wonderful. Several students wanted to give their masterpieces to their moms for Mother's Day and were a little disappointed when they found out they would not be ready to take home. Once they heard that they could write a note to their mom that a gift was coming, they were just fine. Moms understand that great art cannot be rushed.


Lin said...

Oh, this brings back memories for me. Now I'm gonna have to post a photo of the bowl my son made for me one year. It is a holey, pathetic, half-hearted attempt at an art project that is just hysterical. I typically don't save projects, but this one is a doozy and makes me laugh. These don't look half-bad--I was eyeing the caterpillar on the lower left hand shelf.

Anonymous said...

Awh, wow, that's a great idea! Kids always get oober excited over clay. Glad they could have that experience:)