Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hats, Hats, Hats

I finished my 12th hat today and I plan to drop them off at Children's Hospital tomorrow. When they are all lined up, I am glad to see there are several different color choices available. I was worried I was doing too much pink. As soon as I finish one, I am itching to start another. I still have a ton of yarn to use and lots of color combinations. The last hat I completed has been my favorite (it is on the far right). It is turquoise with a lime green/multi-color strand striping in 3 times. Since I knit the stripes with 3 strands (2 turquoise and 1 lime green/multi) of yarn, the stripes are more subtle. I have many scrapbook summer pages using turquoise, lime, bright yellow and hot pink. I have always loved those colors together. I am excited about taking my babies to the hospital. Hopefully, they will be the perfect size for someone in need.

P.S. I noticed after I posted this picture that I had only 11 hats in the picture. One was still in the house. Math is not my strong point.


Anonymous said...

Awh, they look so fun. You will make some kids very happy:) Also, I friended you on raverly:) Thanks for the tip about the yarn sale group...I'll try really hard not to look!