Friday, July 15, 2011


We left the ship around 9:30 to begin the land portion of our trip. Our group was small and that made it very nice after being on the ship with so many. Our tour guide, Brian, was very nice and helpful. Our first stop was the Alaska Sealife Center. There they had many of the animals you would see in Alaska near the water. Cara and I got a big kick out of watching the puffins. They are such funny birds.

We then went to the harbor to take a Kenai Fords boat tour in Resurrection Bay. Cara was seasick again, but the crew was great about letting us know where the best place for her to sit (less rocking) while she waited for the Dramamine to kick in.

Shortly after leaving the dock, we saw a sea otter hanging out in the water. He was funny to watch.

We had lunch on Fox Island. The landing there was amazing. The whole beach was made up of flat rocks. I have never seen so many in my life. They hold the World Champion Rock Skipping contest there each year and those rocks are what it is about. I wish I could skip rocks. Many people practiced their rock skipping skills. Some were quite good at it. After lunch, we returned to the boat and continued the tour. Resurrection Bay is beautiful. It was one of the most lovely places on the entire trip.

After the boat tour, we were dropped off at the Seward Windsong Hotel for the night. It was my least favorite of our hotels on the trip. We ate at the hotel restaurant and went to sleep pretty early.


Lin said...

I hope Cara recovered quickly--I get seasick too and I can tell you there is NO worse feeling EVER.

I've really enjoyed your photos and your stories from your trip! :)