Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heading Out to Sea

**Before the trip I put the ap "Trip Journal" on my phone. I was able to write about the trip here and hoped to be able to put it directly on the blog. It only uploads to Facebook, but at least I have a written account of the trip I can transfer to here**

Last summer, my mom, sister, Robyn, Cara and I were supposed to go on a cruise to Alaska as part of Rob's graduation present from mom. Unfortunately, cancer got in the way and the trip was postponed until now. I am so excited to go to Alaska, especially during the heat of the summer. Anywhere has to be cooler than it is here. We flew into Seattle since it was so much cheaper than flying into Vancouver. Poor Cara had a hard time on the flight getting a bit airsick.

We took a bus to take us into Vancouver. The weather in Seattle is drizzly and 58 degrees. Much better temperature wise. I met a great lady on the bus. She used to live in Vancouver and told me about some great yarn stores. As we moved closer to the border, the weather cleared and the scenery reminded me of Colorado.

We arrived and moved through customs without a hitch. I think the girls are thrilled to be in another country. Vancouver is beautiful. I hope we can see a little of it before we have to get on the boat. We are staying at the Fairmont Waterfront. We have a wonderful room facing the water. We ate at the hotel since everyone was tired from a long day and then crashed into bed.


Lin said...

I'm glad you went this year--maybe you guys all needed it after an "interesting" year. I can't wait to read all the posts!