Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cruising the Inside Passage

The weather started off very foggy, but burned off by 8:30.  We went to the shopping talk and heard about some of the freebies given away at some of the stores in upcoming ports.  We ate again in the Windjammer.  After lunch, Cara went to take a salsa lesson with Cathy in tow and Robyn went to the library.

Later in the day, Nana and Cara had appointments at the spa.  Cara has been wanting to color her hair, so color it she did.  I think red suits her very well.

After dinner at out favorite restaurant, the Windjammer, we went to see the Broadway type show in the theater.  It was ok, but I was a little disappointed.  We were back in the room around 10:15.  It was still light outside although the sun had set.  It is strange to see so much light at this time of night and to again see it so early in the morning.   This is how it looks just after midnight.