Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We arrived in Skagway and made it to shore around 9:20. We had a Mushers' Camp tour scheduled and we were excited to ride on a sled.  We met Garrett, our tour guide,, and off we went. He was great. He told us little snippets around Skagway's past and current residents.  Many of the families who live around here are descendants of the original gold miners.

We drove up one of the mountains to the base camp for the mushers. From there we took a UNIMOG up to where the dog teams were waiting for us.

The ride down was fun! The dogs seemed excited to take us for the ride.  I tried a couple of times to put the video on here, but it took forever and it still was not loaded.  I give up on trying to put it here.  This is the YouTube link for the video-->  Mushers' Camp and Dog Sled Experience

After the run, we got back on the UNIMOG and headed back to base camp. There we met on of the mushers, Ryan Redington (his grandfather was instrumental in starting the Iditarod). He told us a bit about the race and how he manages the dogs during the race and how he lives. His best finish was 18th. Impressive. The conditions they race under are brutal.

We went over to the puppy pen and were given the opportunity to hold them. They were sleepy and cute.

We went back to the ship after the tour for lunch. No one was really interested in shopping, so we just hung on the boat.  It was a fun day.

Other pictures from the day...

Garrett and the girls

Sled dogs

Beautiful scenery