Saturday, July 16, 2011


We left our hotel and headed toward Alyeska.  Along the way we stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  We were able to see moose, musk ox, brown, black, and Kodiak bears, a bald eagle, owls, elk, caribou, and wood bison.

Our hotel for tonight was the Hotel Alyeska.  It is very nice.  It is a popular ski destination during ski season.  The hotel is next to a tram to the top of the mountain where they have wonderful views of the area.  Dinner was at the hotel in one of the restaurants and was excellent.  After dinner, Cara and Cathy went up in the tram to see the view.  By then some fog had come in and they are not able to see the whole area.  Robyn  and I opted to shop in the hotel boutique instead.