Sunday, July 10, 2011


We arrived in Ketchikan around 5:45. We could leave the boat as early as 8:00. We were off around 9:15. The weather was comfortable at 58. Oh how I would love these temperatures at home. Robyn, Cara, and Cathy headed out to shop and Nana and I walked around a little and shopped. We were pretty much done by 10:00. My knees were shot. I waited for the others to meet me back near the boat and said goodbye to our land time. I really enjoy being on the boat. We tried a different restaurant for lunch, the Park Cafe. Afterward we headed over to the Windjammer for dessert.

The passengers were to be back on board by 4:30. Then we were off. We passed by the airport and saw more sea planes taking off. I have a lot of video of sea planes taking off and landing. I am fascinated by them.

Dinner was again at the Windjammer. It is good and everyone finds something. The captain made an announcement that around 9:00 we would be heading through an area called Ice Pass. It was lovely to see the sun set in such beautiful surroundings.

Other pics from the day...