Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sometimes You Just Want a Lap Dog

Last week I watched the puppies from next door. They are cute, sweet puppies and small enough you can let them sit in your lap or carry them around. After spending time with them, I sometimes wish I could shrink down my two babies so I could cuddle with them while watching TV or something similar.

I mentioned it to Phillip how I wish I could shrink my pups down. He said that we didn't need to shrink them and proceeded to pick up Skittles and put her on his lap. Robyn followed suit and Jasmine was a lap dog too. Poor Skittles was confused because she knew she was not supposed to be on the sofa. Looking at them on the sofa was a little different from what I imagined a lap dog to be, but hey it worked.


Lin said...

Well, I think they are lap dogs--they sure look like it to me!!! :) Okay, so they aren't sitting on MY Lap! Hahahaha!