Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Summer Vacation Day 2

Day 2 of the trip brought more time in the lazy river, the pools and the beach. I am not a beach person, at all. I like to sit out of the balcony and enjoy the breeze, but the thanks. I am not much of a swimming person either, although I do enjoy a lazy river. This lazy river was way too shallow. It was 1 1/2 feel deep and my knees were dragging the bottom as I floated around hanging on to the tube. Phillip and the girls were eager to hit the beach. The condo was across the highway from the beach, so we drove up the road a bit to a beach just across the Florida state line. My plan was to drive into Pensacola and hit a big JoAnn's for some yarn I can't find locally. See we all were doing something we loved. Me = yarn. Them = beach. Win = win. I dropped them off and hit the road. The directions I had were not to best, but I found my spot and returned later to pick them up. There was some sun burn, because some people wanted to apply their own sunscreen, instead of letting me do it. I am not naming names. I don't have any beach pics yet. They are still on the water camera we bought and will posted later.

After lunch and a brief siesta, the girls and Phillip again hit the pools and lazy river. I hung out on the balcony and knit. Again, everyone was happy. We went to Jake's Grill for dinner. We used to eat there long ago, but was definitely not as good as we remembered. The restaurant was wiped out in Hurricane Ivan and was rebuilt. We also think it changed ownership as well and thus the difference in the menu, etc.