Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Ugh!

I finally got this *&%A*#$%^! yarn unraveled, washed, and re-skeined. What I didn't think of was that some coat hangers rust. I used the coat hangers as weights for when the yarn was drying to pull out some of the kinks from the unraveling. Just ugh!

Why didn't I think of that? Really Merry. Anyway, I have it all done and am thinking of a pattern to use that might hide the rust marks.

Does anyone have a good way to get rust out of fiber? Pretty please?


wlstarn said...

Have you thought of rust dyeing it? All the rage in the art quilt world. Put the skeins on plastic, spritz with vinegar, lay on rusty objects and cover as airtight as possible. Al link to winning quilts made with rust-dyed fabric:

Lin said...

Here is my trick for getting rust out of clothing--I'm sure it will work on yarn too, right?

Put the fabric (yarn) in a sink and pour lemon juice on it. Pour boiling water from a height and it disappears. No really, it works!!

Merry said...

Thank you ladies. Both great ideas. If I can't get the rust out, I will definitely look into the rust dying. Who would have thought?