Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feeling the Need to Bake

Robyn talked me into getting a Tumblr account. I had been wrestling with how to keep track of sites that had stuff I wanted to remember like recipes, and knitting tips. Tumblr is perfect for that and I have put lots of stuff on there. I have been finding a lot of recipes using the iPad app, Zite. It is a magazine app that allows you to customize what you want to read about. You rate the articles and it will show you more of things you want to read. Anyway, I have been getting the itch to bake since I have found lots of recipes that look great. The funny thing is the first things I bake are not recipes I had saved on Tumblr. Those are to come, I guess.

Robyn has a good friend, Cyrus, who just celebrated his birthday. He is one of the boys I have adopted in my heart as my own. I don't have any sons, so I get to adopt the ones I want. Cyrus is up at Tech taking summer school classes. I wanted to send him some goodies to eat. He wanted sugar cookies. I found this recipe, Easy Sugar Cookies. They are good and easy. I hope he likes them.

The second recipe is Brown Butter, Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies. My next door neighbor, Eleanor made these a week or so ago and said they were yummy. I was intrigued. I knew they would be flat since the butter was melted. They were flat indeed. The recipe called for the bacon to be broken up into small pieces and mixed throughout the dough. I was worried that my "people" would not like the bacon in their cookies, so I only put a strip in the center.

You get the bacony flavor in a bite or two. I was so amused by the reaction to these cookies. No one will eat them except me. There are two ways to look at this. One, disappointment that I am the only one who likes them and two, excitement that I am the only one who likes them. I choose the latter...more for me! The bacon taste is not overwhelming. Just interesting in a good sort of way. They can fight over the rest of the sugar cookies while I take my time eating these babies. Eleanor said she made a couple of modifications to the recipe. Her's were not pancake like. I will get those and try these again down the road.

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