Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heading to Orange Beach

It took a while to decide on where to take our summer family vacation. It was first St. Louis and then Atlanta. Phillip and I love baseball and we thought it would be fun to see a major league game. Both St. Louis and Atlanta gave us that option. As the trip got closer, both of us started thinking more about all that time in the car either of those places would give us. Neither of us were thrilled about that, so a third and final option was found. The beach. We used to go to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach every summer when the girls were younger. I don't remember why we stopped going. I found a condo rental on Trip Advisor. I was looking on there for info on St. Louis and Atlanta and saw they also had condo info as well. We found one that looked great at the Caribe Resort.

The condo had 3 three bedrooms, a couple of pools and a lazy river. The best part is that it had 3 bathrooms. The girls both invited a friend, Shelby for Robyn and Emma for Cara, and we were all set. We had lots of room and everyone got along great. We hit the lazy river first and later went to Rotolo's for pizza. It was an excellent beginning to the trip.