Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perfect Blueberry Muffins

I have joined yet another online site called, Pinterest. I am so in love with this site. Since I am a visual person, this site appeals to me like few do. It allows you to save or bookmark sites, tutorials, photos, etc. you find interesting into a bulletin board like view. I can easily see what recipes I want to try or can quickly find the tutorial for something I have saved. What is also fun about the site is you can see what other people have pinned and gather more things to save. One of the things I found was several recipes for blueberries. When I saw they were on sale at the grocery store, I was excited about trying one of my new found recipes. The one I ended up using was not one I found on Pinterest, but another one I had saved in an email a week or so earlier and had not pinned as of yet. It is called Perfect Blueberry Muffins.

I enjoy the recipes I find on Smitten Kitchen and this one is definitely a keeper. What appealed to me was that the muffin batter was more like a cookie dough. That kept the blueberries from sinking down in the batter and kept them throughout the muffin. The addition of the lemon zest is what sent it to heaven for me. I made two batches and the second batch had more lemon zest than the first. I loved that batch so much more and will do that again in the future. I also used way more blueberries in the recipe than called for. I will pull that back a bit next time as well. Still add in lots, but not so many.The lemon and the blueberry... perfect. I have been gobbling these down like crazy. I need to get me some more blueberries and bake them up again.

My link on Pinterest is http://pinterest.com/snipinfool. Have fun pinning :)


Lin said...

Hmmmm...I have never heard of pinterest. I'm gonna have to investigate.....

Merry said...

Oh Lin, Pinterest is my newest obsession. I love it!