Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today, Robyn started volunteering for S.T.A.R.T. (St. Tammany Animal Resource Team). They are a local animal rescue agency who offers pets for adoption at our local PetSmart. Robyn will be cleaning the cat cages and helping on Saturdays when the bring the dogs to the store in hopes of finding their forever home. Today was cage cleaning day. I did this job several years ago and had to stop because my allergies were going crazy. I am allergic to both cats and dogs, but I seem to be able to handle it in a house a lot better than in a tiny room with no ventilation and 8-12 cats. It is so fun to play with the cats while they are loose in the room. Some of the cats are scared and you can help to get them used to humans.

Robyn enjoyed her work. Like I did, she has found a favorite or two. It makes you feel good when they are adopted out. They will have a family who will love and cherish them as all cats should be.


Lin said...

Oh, that is so sweet! My mom volunteers at the shelter and plays with all of the cats. They can't find anyone willing to pet all the kitties--everyone wants the dogs. So, my mom is like the 'cat lady' there.

Nancy said...

Awh, I'm glad she's enjoying it! I don't think I could handle it...I would either adopt them all myself or cry every night when cats didn't get adopted. Sigh. I'm pathetic. I can't even watch animal planet.

Merry said...

Lin- Robyn is doing the same as your mom as she cleans the cages. She is socializing them so that can find homes.

Nancy- I think Robyn looks at it as she is helping the kitties by getting them ready for their forever homes. It is a wonderful feeling when you go to clean the cages and find one has been adopted out. Also she knows at least in this instance, the kitties are in a safe place and not out in the world to fend for themselves.

There are some shows on Animal Planet I can't watch either. Animal Cops is one of them. I want to cry on that one. I will come and sit on the sofa with you and we can share a box of Kleenex.