Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finger at the Window

The girls and I are huge fans of Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. We love them not only because the chicken fingers are wonderful, but because of their mascot, Cane. The founder of the company had a yellow lab, named Raising Cane, and named his restaurant after him. Skittles looks a lot like Cane. We smile and think of her while looking at the pictures of Cane on the walls of the restaurant. Cane looks like a friendly guy, just like our girl. Once Skittles took a ride with me to pick up chicken. As usual, she had her head stuck out of the window to check out all she could see. When I pulled up to the drive thru window to pick up our food, the lady at the window took one look at her and yelled back to the people in the kitchen "Finger at the window!" Quickly, a small container with one chicken finger was handed to me for Skittles. Skittles and Jasmine were thrilled to get the chicken and have been fans of the restaurant ever since. Skittles continues to take rides with me to pick up food, but that was the only time she received a complimentary chicken finger. The kids working at the window always point out how much she looks like Cane. Skittles will probably never have a restaurant named after her, but as long as she continues to get love from us and occasional rides in the car, I think she will be ok with that.


Lin said...

We used to take our dog to the Dairy Queen and get him his own cone. Now, I take Sammy the Weiner Dog (we dog-sit him) there, but he doesn't like ice cream. What's the deal with that?? Maybe he'd like a chicken finger.